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Hi Paul,

Yes the shed is now complete and ready for Certification.

The downpipes were connected to my tank yesterday as the rain began. I suppose you have had a report from John regarding my marathon effort on the jack hammer and shovel. I was going to leave the final section until later but with the impending rain I thought I should make the connection so as not to waste any rain we might get tomorrow. I have just finished backfilling the stormwater trenches and now await the rain.

The scissor lift was collected a couple of hours ago.

Thanks for your efforts in meeting my specific needs and adjusting your standard designs. All your subbies performed well and were courteous and well organised. In particular John the Erector was marvellous the way he adjusted the frame to match the roof slope, height and the out of verticality of my existing shed.

My sincere thanks to all of your team. It is gratifying to have this job completed without any hassles.

Thank You

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