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/Structural Steel Buildings

Structural steel provides another option when it comes to shed building. If you need a shed for a special purpose or you just want to have a high quality shed, structural steel can make that possible.

All structural steel we use is purchased & fabricated in Australia from Australian steel. All fabrication is completed to AS1554 and AS4100 and the fabricators have a combined 100 years of experience in the industry. They have many successfully completed projects from small farm sheds to mine compliant work.

A structural steel shed is custom designed for the harsh Australian conditions and comes will full engineering approval.

Structural steel can give you so many more options when it comes to designing your shed. There are many reasons you may choose structural steel:

    • Large span (generally over 20m makes structural steel viable)
    • Large height (generally 5m and above makes structural steel viable)
    • Addition of an overhead gantry crane to the shed
    • Cyclonic Conditions
    • Desire for a Heavy Duty Shed
    • Easy addition of extra bays
    • Larger openings required – up to 30m clear openings.
    • Special purpose design
    • Tilt panel sheds